Apple Variety Update

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Just a quick update on the varieties of apples we now have for sale, as of September 16:

Gravenstein: A semi-tart apple with a medium texture developed in the 17th century or earlier. It’s great for making apple sauce and apple cider.

Gala: Sweet and crisp, this apple is perfect as a snack, and ours are conveniently smaller than most grocery store varieties, so they’ll fit easily in your child’s lunch box.

Vasquez: The hybrid variety developed in the 60’s by Juan Vasquez, the head foreman of this ranch at the time. It’s a cross between a Granny Smith and a Pippin, and has a tart, snappy flavor and firm texture. Great for pies, turnovers, or sliced up and dipped in our caramel sauce.

Spartan: A mildly tart apple, somewhere on the flavor scale between a Granny Smith and a Gala, with a nice medium texture.Great for both eating and baking.

Rome Beauty:  A cooking apple which originated near Rome Township, Ohio in the early 19th century. It is one of the 15 most popular apples in North America.

Pink Pearl: This apple is great for applesauce due to its noticeably soft texture combined with a sweet flavor.  You’ll hardly need to add sugar when you’re cooking with this apple.

Red Delicious: Everyone knows about these beautiful red apples, and they’re a staple of the apple industry, with a recognizable top-heavy shape and pale yellow flesh.

Parkdale Beauty: This antique variety is not commercially available and is the most commonly asked-about apple on the floor. It’s a slightly soft apple and has been described as having floral notes to its sweet taste.

So, there you have it so far, folks. If any of these apples appeal to you, or even if you’re just curious to try some, feel free to come up and ask us for a sample. We’re ready and happy to help you on your apple quest! 


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  1. Andrea butler
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    Thank you. Do you know if the Parkdale Beauty is good for applesauce?

    • parrishranch
      | Reply

      Yes it is, it’s a sweet apple on the softer side, with an almost pear-like taste and texture that translates well to applesauce.

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