Autumn and Wine

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It’s looking festively like Autumn up here at Parrish Ranch, and we’re enjoying the show as the leaves slowly turn from green to gold and red day by day. Some trees are fully on board with the change, and others are sticking to green as long as they can. It makes for a very colorful foliage palette, so if you come see us, make sure to bring your camera!
We got a new shipment of Honeywood wine in, so for those of you who were waiting for your favorite flavor to return, now’s the time to grab a few bottles of it before they’re gone again! A wide selection of the fruit and holiday wines are now open for tasting, so if you haven’t already fallen in love with a flavor, you’ll have a great opportunity to find one this weekend.
We also have 39 new shapes of cookie cutters, from Sasquatch to football helmets to dollar signs and dogs, and they’re all $1.29 plus tax…we think they’d make perfect stocking stuffers 
So whether you’re Christmas shopping or just out to see the fall splendor, we hope to see you soon!

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