Current Varieties of Apples Available on the First Day of Fall!!

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Hi folks, we’re here with your apple update as of September 22, the first day of fall! And it actually feels like autumn up here today with clear skies and temps in the low 70’s. Our foreman brought in three more varieties of apples: the Granny Smiths, Winesaps, and Red Delicious: two tarts and a sweet 😉  We also have a full array of our Sioux City sodas, Apple Beer (non-alcoholic!) and Pumpkin Soda, along with apple butter (both sweetened and unsweetened) and a large selection of wines.

So to recap, the current varieties of apples we have are:

Gala: sweet and crispy

Spartans: right in the middle of sweet and tart, and super snappy texture

Fuji: a bit on the tart side this year and nice and firm

Parkdale Beauties: a sweet apple with both a pear-like texture AND flavor (definitely worth a taste!)

Red Gold: several customers today described these as a “pleasant” apple, which we think is accurate

Red Delicious: the apples your mom put in your lunch, only sweeter and crispier

Winesap: the tartest apple on our shelves at the moment (aside from crab apples!), perfect for caramel apples and baking

Crab apples: the truly tart, tiny apples used for baking, or perhaps dollhouse tea-party caramel apples 😉


So come on up this weekend to see and taste what we have to offer. We look forward to your visit! 

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