New Things! July 28th Update.

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We’re slogging through the heat and unusual humidity of summer up here on the mountain, counting the days until apple season (it’s 34 at the time of this post, in case you were wondering). We did get a little something to freshen up our days, though, with the arrival of our unsweetened apple butter in a new size: 9 oz travel-friendly size, priced at $6.49. Come in and try some today! 

Speaking of samples, we’ve got a super-fresh-pressed batch of no-sugar-added apple cider that we’d love for you to try. And the list of other products we’re currently sampling is impressive. If you’re an aioli fan, we’re here to pleasantly surprise you with three kinds to try: Chipotle, for those who want just a bit of flavorful spice in their sandwich or deviled eggs; Habanero Mango, for a sweetly spicy kick; and Maple Bacon, for those who have more of a sweet tooth than a taste for spice.

Our other samples include the amazing crowd-pleasing Shawnee Apple Butter Barbecue Sauce, a crowd favorite, and our caramel dip straight from Granlund’s Candy in Yucaipa. An assortment of other products are also open to try, such as Coconut Syrup, Wasabi Ginger Sauce, Kale & Arugula Pesto, California Style Habanero Pepper Sauce, Honey Glaze Sriracha Barbecue Sauce, and Ghost Pepper Salsa (which is deceptively tame for the first few seconds, and then the burn really kicks in!).

So, as always, we invite you to travel up the mountain and treat yourself to some delicious goods and pretty scenery. ‘Til then, have a great day!



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